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Our Process

During our three appointment design process, we will take time together to ensure that your retirement and investment plans are focused on your unique and individual concerns, your specific goals.

Your first appointment will introduce you to our “goldenrod” financial organizer, a process making certain that any information required for our team to understand the complete and overall picture of your financial standings and to identify any potential challenges on the path to your financial goals. This process allows Oxford Wealth to make recommendations that ensure that you enjoy your “play checks” rather than worrying whether or not your bills will be met. We will introduce “The Oxford Way” – a cautious and preservation oriented strategy that will help you to position your money properly into principal protected, moderate, or Moderate-aggressive portfolios, taking special care to make certain your individual investment risk exposure is one that you are comfortable with and is in line with your investment goals. The Oxford Way” will help you implement a strategy customized to your unique situation with a goal to either lower or completely eliminate your taxes.

Your second appointment will include an income analysis to determine if you are using your income sources properly, in a way to meet your overall financial goals and in the most tax efficient way. During our second appointment together, you will find out if you have sufficient income to meet your current and future needs, keeping in mind potential retirement pitfalls like longevity, increasing taxes, and inflation – among others. We will discuss Social Security planning, what benefits you may be able to expect and how to file in a way that maximizes your Social Security income. From there, together, we will review in more detail “The Oxford Way”, coordinating your unique approach to retirement and Social Security.  We will introduce to you our well known “Buckets,” a concept of laddering assets in five year increments with the goal of replenishment, giving you a clearer picture of how much money you can count on during your retirement, and when you will be receiving your next “play check.”

The third appointment is a meeting of details during which we will review your custom tailored financial plan – the way we plan to meet your financial goals together. We will evaluate specific account recommendations and, once you are comfortable with your financial future, plan an implementation strategy.  We answer any questions you might have about any of our previous appointments to make sure you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about your financial plan. After our third meeting together, you as the “CEO of YOU, Inc.” get to make the decision as to whether or not you are comfortable with Oxford Wealth Advisors as your financial coach.

We believe that “When You Give Out Good, Good Comes Back.” This is the motto that we live by. We have enjoyed educating the community for over 30 years and, will continue to do so for many years to come.   It is important to note that our journey together does not end with our third appointment. We will see you, at least annually, for regular reviews and to make sure that your financial strategy continues to meet your changing needs.  These meetings are the perfect time for us to discuss “Phase Two” of our planning model during which we introduce Life Insurance, Estate Planning, Legacy Planning, Tax Strategies, or any other planning required to make sure the money you worked so hard for is working hard for you! Last, but not least, will see you at our client appreciation events that we put on throughout the year including BINGO, basketball games, chocolate tastings, dinners, etc.

We look forward to joining you on your journey to financial well-being and hope we can work together to create a great friendship together.